Pädaste Manor

Pädaste Manor is a five-star small luxury resort and spa on Muhu Island. This is where we at Neh are from.

A secret Baltic hideaway, Pädaste Manor is a refreshing island escape overlooking breathtaking coastline; a fantastic place to try the Nordic Islands’ cuisine, indulge in pampering spa treatments and explore a totally unspoiled island. For more info visit www.padaste.ee

All the more impressive for its remote location, Pädaste Manor is the epitome of simple luxury; elegant, romantic and supremely comfortable. Warm wooden floors in beautifully proportioned rooms with indigenous touches create an unforgettable sense of place. Choose between the grand Manor House, the Carriage House or the Private Farm House in its own orchard for complete privacy.

Pädaste Manor welcomes you from 18 March until 24 October each year. From 25 October  until 24 December 2015 and from 11 January 2016 until 17 March 2016 , Pädaste is closed for our customary seasonal holiday.
Pädaste Manor opens for the Mid-winter holiday celebrations from 15 December 2015 until 11 January 2016.

During our seasonal holidays we are available by special appointment for celebrations and corporate events and can be reached for inquiries during office hours at +372 45 48 800 or via info@padaste.ee