Our prices

We have 2 different prices, our regular
price for dinner and a “lighter” price for lunch
Below we have listed our lunch prices

To share with friends

Made in Muhu
best bites from Muhu Islands’ farms and forests!
ask your waiter about today’s selection
15 €

From the larder

Salted moose
sea salt-graved moose, marinated ramson & crosnes
we recommend a frozen shot of vodka
12 €

Trawl master’s Baltic herring
marinated Baltic herring & rye bread with juniper berries
9 €

Goat cheese salad
creamy goat cheese from Kalamatsi dairy with lightly smoked Rautsi farm vegetables
10 €

traditional Island dish, pan-baked bread with stuffing,
made with Koplimäe farm barley & smoked sauna ham
served with salted mushroom salad
9 €

From the stove & oven

White onion soup
ostrich neck comfit & spelta flour crisp
7 €

Braised beef cheek with artisan beer
apple-celeriac cream & roasted vegetables from Rautsi eco farm
17 €

Saaremaa steak
nice piece from cattle, grilled to perfection & served au naturel
please choose your supplements from our side dishes
22 €

Neh´s moose sausage
red cabbage with juniper berries & cranberries and vegetable sonk*
15 €

Fish – fresh from the market
served with roasted cauliflower cream and tomato & onion compote,
kindly ask your waiter about today’s fish
please choose supplements from our side dishes
priced per 100g: 10 €

creamy makipuder with chanterelles & roasted pumpkin,
lamb milk cheese from Oviken farm
10 €

Side orders

Roasted vegetables from Rautsi eco farm
Green salad
Red cabbage with juniper berries & cranberries
Vegetable sonk*
each 4 €


Today’s choice of three artisanal cheeses from the Nordic Islands
served with Bornholm cumin crackers, homemade jams and comfitures
14 €

Something sweet

Quince posset
rose hip ice cream & hay ash crumble
8 €

Neh’s own ice cream & sorbet
two scoops, kindly ask for the selection of the day
8 €

Oven warm traditional Gotland apple cake, served with cardamom milk
8 €

With your coffee

petits financiers with blueberries
5 €

Raspberry chocolate
dark chocolate with raspberry juice
5 €

Hazelnut cookies
crunchy cookies with roasted hazelnuts
4 €

*Sonk – crushed vegetables
*Makipuder – pearl barley risotto

Neh’s choice
Neh‘s choice is a two course set lunch menu where the chef has chosen the best of today.
Available to order between 12:00-15:00
15 €

All dishes at Neh are made on spot from fresh produce
Nothing frozen is ever stocked in our kitchen except
for our homemade sorbets, ice and pine vodka